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"Freedom" Stampa a colori su carta formato A/4 Anno 2008
Mail Art Project "Typewriter" by Archivio Internazionale Mail Art
San Demetrio Corone (CS)
ITALIA - II. Nemzetközi Spanyolnátha Küldeményművészeti Biennále


The Beauty of Lotus...

Lotus, the beauty of a pure reflection of a never ending spirit of compassion and the strength of a survivor. No matter how ugly, how dark, and how hard things could be in life, but a Lotus will keep blooming with its beauty to show that, once you life, let live it life the fullest. Blossom like lotus and spread the good smell of possitivism and strenght, never afraid to spread your wings...between the mud, be yourself and you are the light.

The new Art work....

Done with deepest feeling of my sentiment...


Maung Bandung

Lukisan chinese Painting yang aku bikin untuk ikut serta dalam peringatan 100 hari Meninggalnya pelukis Maestro barli dari Bandung